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GISST is about fostering a spirit of sportsmanship throughout competition. With all teams striving for this throughout their involvement with GISST, it makes tournaments much more enjoyable for all. There are many different examples of sportsmanship that can be demonstrated throughout a tournament. These include: 


  • Consistent application of rules and fair play throughout the competition 

  • Supporting team-mates, officials, opponents and staff during the competition 

  • Performances demonstrating perseverance under difficult circumstances 

  • Developing amicable relationships with competitors and getting to know others around you 

  • Creating a positive atmosphere on and off the field of play 

  • Being polite and courteous to all during the tournament 

  • Celebrating the success and achievements of others


At the end of a tournament, coaches and players vote for the school/team which they feel has upheld the values of sportsmanship during the tournament. The team with the most votes win a trophy that is of equal size or more to that of the first place team. This symbolizes the importance of sportsmanship at GISST in relation to winning. Winners of this trophy come from all tournament positions and not necessarily a lower ranked team. Teams also receive a bonus GISST point which counts towards the overall GISST Points total. 

Below is a list of winners from this year's tournaments so far:

U14 Girls Football: BERIS

U14 Boys Football: ISU

Varsity Girls Football: FIS

Varsity Boys Football: STG

Varsity Girls Volleyball: STG

Varsity Boys Volleyball: BERIS

U14 Girls Badminton: ISHR

U14 Boys Badminton: BERIS

Varsity Girls Badminton: LIS

Varsity Boys Badminton: FIS

Varsity Girls Basketball: ISF

Varsity Boys Basketball: ISF

U14 Girls Basketball: ISU

U14 Boys Basketball DIV I/II: STG/BERIS

Varsity Girls Tennis: BBS

Varsity Boys Tennis: LIS

U14 Girls Volleyball: ISU

U14 Boys Volleyball: DIS

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