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"Friendships are born on the field of athletic strife and the real gold of competition. Medals and trophies become corroded, friends gather no dust."

Hosting is an integral part of every GISST Tournament. Student athletes get to experience life in another family for two days throughout the tournament dates. 

Hosting is a key requirement for any student athlete involved with GISST due to the system being reciprocal in its nature.


While housed with at least one other student athlete from their own school, host families take care of the athletes by providing them with a bed, food and transport to and from the venue. 

The basic provision, although crucial, is actually secondary to the experience of spending time with members of a different family. Whilst staying with another international family can seem daunting at first, the comfort of having a friend with them plus the warm hospitality of the host family instantly make athletes feel at home. 

Indeed many students remain friends for a lot longer than the tournament itself. 

For this reason, Hosting is fundamental to what we do and placed on equal terms in regards to the participation in sport itself. Many of our host families also come from families whose children are not directly involved with sports teams. The experience of fostering international mindedness and hosting two students from another school can be very satisfying and enlightening for all those involved.

If you would like to get involved with Hosting, please contact your school's Athletic Director.